Los Arenales

               LOS ARENALES
      Los Arenales are a new West Texas based group with a blend of Tejano, Conjunto, Country, Rock and Blues.  Originally a family born group from back in the day, started by the late Mr. Pedro Briseno. Los Arenales are now returning with the younger generation carrying the torch. Sons Daniel and Matt Briseno aim to make their father proud and ensure his musical legend continues. They play along side their good friend (considered family to the Brisenos) Chris Solis. All the guys have more than 20+ years in the music industry and are destined for greatness in their musical career.
   The group began rehearsing and writing only a few years ago in the city of Stanton Texas, and with little time began making plans to grow.  With its three main band members a new Conjunto was formed. The group features Daniel Briseno on Accordion/Lead Vocals, Matt Briseno on Bajo/Guitar/Vocals, and Chris Solis on Guitar/Drums.
     In 2015 during a Fan Fair performance, Los Arenales were approached by Aaron "Tex" Gonzales a music publisher with Tex Sound Publishing LLC out of Atlanta Georgia.  He was impressed with their musical style and humble attitudes.  He wanted to help them get a musical project off the ground.  They came up with a plan for a CD and all worked together to create a social media buzz with content that would later create the foundation of Los Arenales.  A band web site was also created to showcase all the band has to offer.  A full EPK electronic press kit is viewable at WWW.TEXSOUNDPUBLISHING.COM/LOS-ARENALES.  They hit the studio and began their freshman EP project.
    Los Arenales reached a milestone December 31st, 2017 with the release of their freshman EP album entitled Ya Llegaron.  The CD is available on TexSoundPublishing.Com and all major online stores.  A CD showcasing several original ballads, cumbias, and even a few covers of a few oldies but goodies.   Los Arenales are currently gigging and have plans to begin work on their sophomore album.  
    Since their humble beginning, Los Arenales have rapidly gained notoriety in the genre. They have had the privilege to perform with many well know artists including Albert Zammora, Michael Salgado, and Gary Hobbs and also at many well know events. Most recently the 2018 TTMA Fan Fair and Conjunto Festivals.  They continue to perform locally and also book private events.  
       For booking info contact Daniel Briseno at 432-235-2464 or Chris Solis 325-456-1859.  
     We appreciate your support for Los Arenales and look forward to releasing some good music for you to enjoy. 

 Los Arenales 2019©
Tex Sound Publishing LLC 


Ya Llegaron

Ya Llegaron

Los Arenales

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Los Arenales Debut Album entitled Ya Llegaron.

Tex Sound Publishing LLC: Aaron "Tex" Gonzales

Pantera Studios: RD Garza

Produced By: Daniel P Briseno

Writers: Daniel P Briseno Salvador Reyna

Band: Daniel P Briseno (Accordion and Vocals), Matt Briseno (Bajo Sexto), Chris Solis (Bass and Second Vocals), Manuel Castanuela (Drums)

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