Terms Of Service


Since most of our products are custom made, they are made to order. Depending on the amount of orders that come through from customers and complexity of the order, wait times for items can take 1-3 weeks until they are made. After the item is made, it will be shipped within two days of completion.  We will do our best to fulfill every order as soon as we possibly can. If you have a question regarding wait times, please use the contact tab to ask before purchasing.

Orders are made and shipped in the order that they are received thus preventing a customer from getting their item pushed back in the production line. We strive to ensure our customers are treated fair and properly.


We ship all orders via USPS at the fastest and yet economical means possible.  Although we can't promise a exact delivery date, we ensure to supply the customer a tracking number the day it is shipped.

We accept PayPal or Credit Card. Just select your payment option when you checkout.


It is in our best interests to say that all sales are final! However, we understand this is not the way we want to conduct business.  We want to give our customers a fair shake all while respecting our craftsman and the time spend making the original product.  The following rules will apply to all refunds and exchanges.

  • If your not 100% satisfied with the product (within 2 weeks of delivery date per tracking) we will refund the full purchase price and cost to ship back.
  • If there is a malfunction or failure that occurs within the 1st year of purchase, we will offer a complete refund or exchange upon return receipt and product inspection. 

If you have any questions or concerns about anything at all, please let us know. We are happy to assist you. 


Each product is handmade by a single craftsman.  This means that there are unique qualities of each and every item made.  Some may call these flaws, yet we who understand leather craft call it a unique touch.  Please keep that in mind when purchasing your item that these products are not mass produced by a machine.  They are PROUNDLY HAND MAND IN THE USA!

Since all leather hides are different, not all products will look the same. That is the beauty of leather. Each item is unique in its own way.